Thursday, August 14, 2008

Surgery Day : Part 2

I was shivering from the extreme coldness and moaning in pain when I realised that the surgery was over. Dr. Nora was in her green surgery gown, standing beside me and as soon as I opened my eyes, she held my hand and told me that the surgery was over. She explained what was done and also added that they found additional problem during surgery but I couldn't absorb all the things she said. Muttering 'Thank You Doc', I passed out.

I woke up again soon after somehow realising that I was wheeled back to the room. At that time, I could feel excruciating pain at my lower abdomen. Still shivering, I could see Mum and MIL at the end of the bed, walking together to the room and Hubs was walking beside the bed, snapping pics I guess. When we were in the room, I was blanketed and the nurse handed me a switch with a button and I was told to press the button everytime I feel pain. After seeing Dad and FIL coming into the room, I dozed off.

When I woke up again, the first thing I saw was a bouquet of flowers at the edge of the bed. They were pretty red carnations and white roses. It was from both parents Hubs said. I also realised that I was attached to several tubes, the drip, morphine painkiller and the catheter (the urine bag) to drain both urine and blood from the uterus. When Dr. Nora came later that day, I asked her to repeat was was done again as I could not make out what she told me upon waking up right after the surgery. Besides the earlier three problems diagnosed prior surgery, she added that my ovaries were problematic too. The right one was stuck to the back due to the endometriosis and the left one had cysts. But everything was fixed in one go. The 6cm fibroid which looked like sausage Dr. Nora said was removed, endometriosis burnt and removed, uterus and the right ovary were repositioned and the cysts from the left ovary were drilled out. Phewhh! Such a major overhaul to what's inside me huh?

Was on liquid diet that day. Didn't feel hungry but was feeling nauseated and groggy and I was also yawning all the way because of the morphine. That was how it went on the surgery day. I survived it! Alhamdulillah...

To be continued

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