Friday, February 29, 2008

Cleaning tip

Ever since getting married and having to always scrub the bathroom (I think I clean it better than you do, Sayang..hehe), I could say that I’ve tried and tested all sorts of bathroom cleaners, detergents and liquids. You name it, all tried and tested. However, none of these had done any good and my ceramic tiles were not stain-free and sparkly enuff after every scrub. Until one day, I was left with a bit of this one liquid cleaner and a bit of another powder cleaner. Out of desperation, I mixed the two cleaners together and wallla..bathroom was stain-free and sparkling! And from that day onwards, I’ve been religiously mixing my own cleaning detergent! Wanna know my secret? So, puan-puan, inilah rahsia kecantikan bathroom saya :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Online shopping

I just realised that I’ve done quite a bit of shopping over the internet this month. Online shopping is really cool! Everything within a click of the mouse, but make sure you have enuff cash in your account lah :)

Inilah hasil tangkapan di atas talian saya bulan ini :) Happy!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Buat kerja

Was in Putrajaya today for a meeting with the client when I saw these banners hung on the walls of the Palace of Justice’s entrance. ‘Buat Kerja’?? Hmm..I wonder what are they doing all this while if such big banners have to be put up kan?

A climatic finish

Yupp! TARA 2 took an interesting turn during the final leg, causing an interesting turn-out for what surprised teams and viewers! My prediction was totally OUT! Marc and Rovilson could have won if it wasn’t for Rovilson who was pretty clueless with international flags. Maybe they overdosed on their ‘dummy pills’ this time around, like what they claimed in the show last nite! They arrived so much earlier for the last task compared to the other two teams! Kesian, they had never secured a worse place than 2nd place throughout the whole race tau! Arriving third marked their poorest performance overall, and unfortunately, it happened at the final leg of TARA 2.

Colin and Adrian were the last to arrive at the last task venue, and then they became the first to finish and headed to the final pit-stop! Hats off to Adrian! It seemed so easy for him. Marc and Ro said Adrian was like a ninja when he grabbed all the flags, stood in the middle, and began jamming them into their pods! He sure scored his Geography with flying colours during school time! Kudos to Pam and Vanessa too! They had the Philippines boys beaten! Good job all! Anything is possible. An all-girl-team won TARA, a team with a hearing-disabled member won TARA 2. Wonder what they have in store for us for TARA 3? Heard they’ve started auditioning last month! Anyone interested? Anything is possible you know!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

New assigment

Boss said I will be joining a new team for a new assignment with a BIG organisation this Monday. Dunno what to expect but hope it is interesting coz I get to ogle at and probably brush shoulders with celebs (and maybe take pictures of them - hmm..will that be considered unprofessional? hehe) for at least 5 months. International and local celebs okay ;)

There is gonna be a big difference from my current government client I bet! Hey, I wonder if I have 'va-va-voom' clothes to wear for this assignment. I definitely have to dress a bit trendier from my current semi-formal attire. Hmm, guess I need to head to Edmunser, Dorothy Perkins, G2000 this weekend ;) Yeay!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Awesome threesome

The final episode of The Amazing Race Asia 2 is this Thursday! I was really happy to see the line-up of the three finalists as they truly are the three strongest teams. And to have a Malaysian all-team is pretty exciting as well. I bet they now feel the pressure for them to perform very, very, well in the finals since the winners of the inaugural race was a Malaysian all-girl team! As a Malaysian, I am rooting for them (pure biased support from me!) Btw, do you know that the girls are Vince's (from AF) sisters? If luck's on their side, they'll add another reality show trophy in the family's living room perhaps?

The strong Chongs

But deep down inside, I think it'll be really, really challenging for the girls to topple the other two teams down. Marc and Rovilson, besides their hunk factor, they're truly brains and brawns. So are Collin and Adrian, they're equally strong and to think that Adrian has hearing disability, the way they perform currently is truly unbelievable.
The brawny team with the hunk factor

The smart gym bunnies
I wonder what Paula and Natasha (they're my favourite team actually) are currently doing, now that they're outta the race. With their good looks, they're probably doing TV commercials and endorsing products perhaps. Hehe. At first I thought they're just bimbos, but hey, was I wrong, they were strong and I think they are the coolest team ever. They never bicker, always encouraging one another and Paula, is one helluva patient gal. She was always calm in all situations!

The cool gorgeous gals
Hmm..can't wait to catch the final. What is your prediction? Mine :
1 - Marc & Rovilson
2 - Collin & Adrian
3- Vanessa & Pamela

Malaysia's one and only

Check this out! Look who's on the cover page of the February's Malaysia it's very own Malaysian Astronaut Edition ok? Yupp, a star is born indeed! Way to go, Doc!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Perginya seorang sahabat

I was pretty dumbfounded when I received an e-mail saying that my high school classmate passed away! He left us at the age of 32. It was too late for me to go down to JB to pay my last respect when I finally found out of his demise but my prayers went to him. Will always pray for him, InsyaAllah. My last contact with him was when I left a message on his Friendster page on his birthday two weeks ago. Sigh!

Emails after emails about him filled up the mailbox today. But the most reassuring email came from another friend who was his good buddy when we were in high school. He said in his mail that he did not only lose a friend but also a brother who was always gentle and never raised his voice to anyone.

Yupp, I remember him always being nice to everyone in class and never had he lost his temper or raised his voice. I also remember always enjoying his company in class and how he never failed to make me smile. He’s funny and at the same time, a gentleman. If he had things to say or points to put across to me, he would always squat in front of my desk and gave his ‘Shrek’s Puss-in Boots’ look with the hope that I’d listen to him – yes, I would always ‘melt’ when he did that, partly because he’d turn so cute or the fact that it got pretty scary because he towered me (even when he’s down on his knees!) Oh yeah, he’s over 6ft tall, so he would tower mostly everyone in school! He’s also a natural leader, always picked to lead projects. In a nutshell, everyone loved him.

Later today, I felt kinda relieved reading another email that came from a friend who attended his funeral in JB:

Dia tengah recover from sakit and dah nampak segar dah since last month but last 3 days dia kena batuk2. Dia meninggal peacefully atas tangan bapak dia. Lepas selawat and takbir, dia baring, tutup mata and that time dia nazak. A few seconds after that dia dah pergi….

To a dear friend and a great guy, Halim semoga Rohmu dicucuri rahmatNya..

Al Fatihah...

Friday, February 01, 2008

Happy Birthday, Me!

Hubby had it all planned out to celebrate the birthday. It started with breakfast at KL Hilton then off for a night stay at one of the most talked about residence in town, The Maple. Didn't know that there's some sorta vacation apartment service at The Maple, but yes, hubby went all out to ensure that this year's celebration was different!

I know why hubby decided to go there. It's all very 'Zen' and I truly needed an R&R at this point of time. Where else is best to go over the weekend if it's not just somewhere in town huh? The Maple was the perfect choice as it is all about resort living. Its private gated park is magnificent. From our unit, we could see lush green treetops flowing all the way to the 'neighbours' i.e. the state-of-the-art KL Performing Arts Centre and the Zen-style Koi Centre. It felt so 'Hyde-Park' ish. The facilities there were excellent. You name it - tennis, squash, lap pool, wading pool, family pool, meditation garden, Harry Porter maze, BBQ pit, gym etc etc. It was indeed a cool experience. Thanks Sayang! Love ya!

P/S: Sayang, do you think we can afford a unit at The Maple? :)