Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Sale

Browsed through this site and saw the discounts offered. And am seriously wishing to go to Bicester Village now. Imagine things which are already discounted, put on sale? Tidakkah membara nafsu shopping itu? Haha..The last time I went to Bicester Village was on Christmas Eve last year and didn't get many loots as whatever nice stuff was already taken by those who were in a rush to do their last minute Christmas shopping. Hmm..Summer sale in UK sampai bila ya?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The iPhone Wears Prada

I'd like to write about iPhone today, in particular, iPhone cases. We can see now that fashion designers are out there making their marks into the tech world by designing high end fashion accessories for phones like iPhone and Blackberry. This is obviously to satisfy the wants of fashionistas who own iPhones along with their Prada, Hermes, Chanel, LV and Gucci bags. Nahh, I don't own any designer case for my iPhone but I certainly think it wouldn't be that bad owning one, ay? Not all are nice though. Have a look at what I've found. Pics googled. I kinda like that Prada and Hermes cases ;) What do you think?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Catch of The Day

Nahhh...didn't get myself a handbag yet but ended up with these books while shopping today. Will last me for a week or two. Anyone read any of these books yet? Bought The Last Symbol because yours truly is a really big fan of Dan Brown. Read all of his earlier books and I would say it was love at first read with Da Vinci Code. Bought Eat, Pray, Love after seeing the movie's trailer on YouTube and with Julia Roberts as the main star, I'm sold, baby! Soccernomics? Saw the review on South Africa's tv earlier and it would be fun to learn more about football from an economic angle. If you've read Freakonomics, bet you'll love this one. No, it's not gonna be boring ( I hope!) Flipped through to see how it's written, and yeah, it's gonna be easy to understand. Plus, it'll be good to throw some info from the book on the table the next time I'm in Mr Hubs and his friends' company ay? Perhaps I'll throw a question or two and see whether these soccer fans are true fans indeed huh? Do they know which country loves football the most? England? Nahh, it's Norway :) Oooh, Mr Hubs is so gonna be proud of me ;) Hahahaha..

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Was cleaning and arranging the wardrobe yesterday when my gaze fell onto the LV Damier Canvas Neverfull hidden in a corner. Told myself "That is sooo 2009!" Barulah yours truly realised that she has not bought any handbag in 2010 lagi ;)

Reading LadyLOVESLeisure with her camelia accordian bag, LadyVerde with her 16th acquisition, Yummy Mummy with her Mahina Solar, membuatkan daku mengidam (or is it more like gatal tangan?) to hold a new bag. The feel and smell of new soft leather sangatlah mengujakan right? With all the things going on right now, wonder if and when I can steal time to go for a week of shopping somewhere? What do you say Mr Hubs? *wink! wink!*

Friday, July 16, 2010

When East Meets West

I was supposed to start IVF in June but it got postponed to this month as dear Doctor got called to Europe for a conference. And now that he’s back, Mr Hubs and I had a long heart-to-heart talk with him recently and we’re postponing it again,perhaps after Raya. This is mainly because the procedure’s gonna be demanding and will stretch into the fasting month. Call me selfish, but frankly speaking, I would like to spend my fasting month beramal ibadat sebanyak mungkin. Call me pessimistic, but with the knowledge I’ve gained about IVF procedure, I could imagine missing a whole lot of fasting days, missing Terawikhs etc. if I were to start now. If I could wait for 6 years, apalah sangat few months kan?

When Doc dropped the bomb to us that IVF is our only chance to conceive, I’ve started reading about the procedure in my spare time. Bought the book Making Babies by Dr Sami David and Jill Blakeway, a reproductive endocrinologist and a Chinese medicine practitioner respectively. The book is all about the revolutionary approach of combining Eastern and Western medicine in assisting people to get pregnant. As much as possible, I’ve incorporated good practices recommended by the authors. Healthy eating, exercise, gulping supplements. But one thing I’ve been meaning to try and haven’t found time to do is acupuncture. After reading Celine Dion now pregnant (with twins!) with the combination of IVF and acupuncture, I am more than determined to try. Cewwah, nak ikut Celine Dion ;) I asked around, not realising that help was just within reach! Call it rezeki, I bumped into an acupressure practitioner who has helped to restore my uncle’s heart’s condition which was drastically failing few months back. Of course, with Allah’s blessing that is. From being confined in his room in IJN, uncle is now able to walk, drive and even travel overseas for his business now. And since the last 1 week, acupressure practitioner’s home is where I’ve been heading to during lunchtime with Mr Hubs. The practitioner, whom I call Sifu, was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer over 20 years ago and Doc told him that he had no hope. Even the top Sensei in town at that time told him to just wait for the Angel of Death to come. Not willing to give up, he studied how he was decapitated by such ailment, he studied cells, he studied human bodies and picked up acupressure. Within a year, he restored his health and is cancer-free since then.

Acupressure, a blend of acupuncture and pressure is an alternative to acupuncture i.e. the alternative to sticking your nerves with needles and using pressure instead. So, during treatment, Sifu puts physical pressure using thumb, elbow and rolling pen onto the acupoints (points on the body related to the organs, systems etc). The general idea of acupressure is to identify what’s the problem, be it the organ, the endocrine system, the nerves, the drainage system etc throughout your whole body. And true enuff, the reproductive organs and systems of mine memang ada masalah sikit, just as diagnosed by the doctor. How do I know if they’re problematic? I feel some sensation and sakit lah when pressure is put on the acupoints. The objective of this treatment for me is to reduce whatever swelling of the reproductive organ, unblock the blocked tube, smoothen the drainage system and generate healthier and new cells so everything functions as what they should be. And later, when I undergo IVF, everything is cleansed and hopefully success rate is increased and it’ll work the first time. InsyaAllah, Aminnnn…I see this as some sorta blessing in disguise for postponing the IVF procedure. If I were to start IVF now, I wouldn’t have tried acupressure and wouldn’t experience the alternative method to not only correct whatever problem I currently have, but to regenerate health overall kan?

And thanks to one of my dear blog reader, Sue, she’s also shared a link for all mothers-to-be..You guys may wanna check this out

Have a fab weekend, gorgeous readers!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's All About Football..

To have the opportunity to watch World Cup football match in South Africa was definitely priceless.. Am not a big football fan to start with but Mr Hubs had to a certain extent converted me into a person who now understands the game..After years of marriage, I now finally understand what an off-side is!! Haha..

We went to the game where Netherlands played against Denmark in Soccer City, Johannesburg. Upon arrival at the stadium, I could feel the overwhelming ambience. Everyone was happy. Everyone was "dressed to kill". I was really fascinated with all the effort put in by the fans - face painting, the interesting accessories, the cheers etc. Wasting no time, I put on my paparazzi hat and began snapping away..Well, enjoy the colourful pics...Selamat menjamu mata ;)

Crowd management at the stadium was excellent. Within minutes you can see all rubbish around the stadium collected and stadium was closed within half an hour after the match ended. It was definitely a great experience. And to the next World Cup host-Brazil, see you in 2014 ;)

Friday, July 09, 2010

While in Johannesburg...

We were in Joburg only for a few days to catch the World Cup football match. While in Joburg, we took the chance to :

1. Visit the craft markets - the Chameleon Village and the African Craft Market in Rosebank. Things in Joburg were a lot more expensive than Cape Town. And one more thing, I think Joburg has less variety too.

2. Go on a safari trip. The nearest safari reserve is in Pilanesberg, around 1.5 hours from Joburg. Pilanesberg National Reserve/Park is the 3rd largest in South Africa. We were taken on a private trip as we were the only couple who had booked the safari trip on that particular day. The most memorable moment was when our jeep was surrounded by more than 30 wild elephants and we had to play 'dead' i.e. not to move much in order not to startle them!

3. Shop at Sandton. Sandton City and Nelson Mandela Square are two of the biggest shopping places in Joburg. All the designer stores are here, LV, Gucci, Prada, you name it. We tried spotting the football stars there. One shop assistant we spoke to said he saw Beckham, Maradona, Rooney and many, many of their WAGS shopping. Unfortunately for us, we didn't bump into anyone.

4. Of course, watched the World Cup match! Will post a separate entry on this soon ;)

Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Trio

I had terrible lower body pain. With sweats drenching, I gripped the sides of the bed and clenched my teeth trying to bear the excruciating pain that came in waves. The doctor and nurses kept telling me to push. "OMG, that's what I'm doin' here, can't you see?" I almost shouted. After a while battling with pain, I could hear cries coming out of me! Baby cries!! And not only one, but three! I was having triplets!

Ohhhh, the pain was all forgotten when I held all three of them in my arms. A boy and two beautiful girls. Tried feeding them with milk. They kinda looked like little birds to me, fighting for food when I tried to feed them at the same time. "Sayang, it's Subuh already." I heard Mr Hubs saying when he gently woke me up this morning. What? That was all just a dream??? Sigh..

Note: Pic googled..

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