Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Was cleaning and arranging the wardrobe yesterday when my gaze fell onto the LV Damier Canvas Neverfull hidden in a corner. Told myself "That is sooo 2009!" Barulah yours truly realised that she has not bought any handbag in 2010 lagi ;)

Reading LadyLOVESLeisure with her camelia accordian bag, LadyVerde with her 16th acquisition, Yummy Mummy with her Mahina Solar, membuatkan daku mengidam (or is it more like gatal tangan?) to hold a new bag. The feel and smell of new soft leather sangatlah mengujakan right? With all the things going on right now, wonder if and when I can steal time to go for a week of shopping somewhere? What do you say Mr Hubs? *wink! wink!*


:: LadyVerde + Mr.Doc :: said...

hahahhaha boley tak i excited tgk title u!
seriously i tot u dah conceive n mengidam! hehehhe
dah ready nk congratulate u ;D

Yummy Mummy said...

Hey, ada special mention la! ;D
Handbag raya is a good excuse to use hehehe! Any bags caught your eye lately? I hope you get one babe!

ERMAYUM said...

kalau da mengidam kena la dapatkan nanti meleleh air liur :) apa salah nya jika duit nya ada kan hehe

bdw i bagi u award dear nanti amek kat blog k :)

Jabberholic said...

LadyVerde : Hehe, my mengidam is not because of pembawakan budak..but pembawakan bag! Hahaha! Crazy!

Yummy Mummy : Yeah, raya is a gooooood excuse ay! Now eyeing gucci..The fall winter 2010 collection is out ;)

Ermayum : Memang tengah meleleh air liur ;) So tak senonoh rite? Hey, thanks loads for the award babe! So touched!!! TK TK TK!

ladyLOVESleisure said...

Ms Jab, tadi i singgah Gucci and i saw this grey Gucci charlotte in full leather. drooling sekejap. nanti dah dapat apa yg diiadamkan, jgn lupa kongsi gambar ye :)

Ella said...

Agreed, reason as bag raya adalah reason yg terbaik for u to purchase new handbag dear.

X sbr nk tgk u reveal yr new bag.

screamingmommy said...

I hear you beb..i hear you..haa..haa so pls share with us hasil tangkapan..while I'll keep dreaming abt mine for lil while:)

Jabberholic said...

LadyLovesLeisure : Oh, grey Charlotte in full leather sungguh mengiurkan ;)

Ella : Hi Ella, thanks for swinging by..Will reveal, but let me decide on which one first ay..Sungguh rambang mata..

screamingmommy : Hehehe..Will also be dreaming about all the bags in the wishlist till I finally grab one..