Sunday, October 18, 2009

Should I Be Nice? Nahhhh....

Scene : Mum's Raya Open House

Elderly lady : "Mana anak kau?"
Me : "Belum ada lagi."
Elderly lady : "Lambatnya kau ni. Adik kau dah dua tu anak dia!"
Me (thinking that I should tell this lady off) : "Tanyalah Allah, auntie. What are His plans for me. I'm sure He knows what's best for me.."
Elderly lady : ....... (Only smiled like kerang busuk)

I don't think I wanna be nice anymore to those who just love to give their unwelcomed comments on my situation..I think I should play "psychology" with them..The feeling after telling these people off? Priceless...Hahaha (evil laugh)..
p/s: Pic from Why frog? It's one of my fave animals ;)