Friday, February 15, 2008

A climatic finish

Yupp! TARA 2 took an interesting turn during the final leg, causing an interesting turn-out for what surprised teams and viewers! My prediction was totally OUT! Marc and Rovilson could have won if it wasn’t for Rovilson who was pretty clueless with international flags. Maybe they overdosed on their ‘dummy pills’ this time around, like what they claimed in the show last nite! They arrived so much earlier for the last task compared to the other two teams! Kesian, they had never secured a worse place than 2nd place throughout the whole race tau! Arriving third marked their poorest performance overall, and unfortunately, it happened at the final leg of TARA 2.

Colin and Adrian were the last to arrive at the last task venue, and then they became the first to finish and headed to the final pit-stop! Hats off to Adrian! It seemed so easy for him. Marc and Ro said Adrian was like a ninja when he grabbed all the flags, stood in the middle, and began jamming them into their pods! He sure scored his Geography with flying colours during school time! Kudos to Pam and Vanessa too! They had the Philippines boys beaten! Good job all! Anything is possible. An all-girl-team won TARA, a team with a hearing-disabled member won TARA 2. Wonder what they have in store for us for TARA 3? Heard they’ve started auditioning last month! Anyone interested? Anything is possible you know!

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