Friday, February 29, 2008

Cleaning tip

Ever since getting married and having to always scrub the bathroom (I think I clean it better than you do, Sayang..hehe), I could say that I’ve tried and tested all sorts of bathroom cleaners, detergents and liquids. You name it, all tried and tested. However, none of these had done any good and my ceramic tiles were not stain-free and sparkly enuff after every scrub. Until one day, I was left with a bit of this one liquid cleaner and a bit of another powder cleaner. Out of desperation, I mixed the two cleaners together and wallla..bathroom was stain-free and sparkling! And from that day onwards, I’ve been religiously mixing my own cleaning detergent! Wanna know my secret? So, puan-puan, inilah rahsia kecantikan bathroom saya :)

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