Monday, February 04, 2008

Perginya seorang sahabat

I was pretty dumbfounded when I received an e-mail saying that my high school classmate passed away! He left us at the age of 32. It was too late for me to go down to JB to pay my last respect when I finally found out of his demise but my prayers went to him. Will always pray for him, InsyaAllah. My last contact with him was when I left a message on his Friendster page on his birthday two weeks ago. Sigh!

Emails after emails about him filled up the mailbox today. But the most reassuring email came from another friend who was his good buddy when we were in high school. He said in his mail that he did not only lose a friend but also a brother who was always gentle and never raised his voice to anyone.

Yupp, I remember him always being nice to everyone in class and never had he lost his temper or raised his voice. I also remember always enjoying his company in class and how he never failed to make me smile. He’s funny and at the same time, a gentleman. If he had things to say or points to put across to me, he would always squat in front of my desk and gave his ‘Shrek’s Puss-in Boots’ look with the hope that I’d listen to him – yes, I would always ‘melt’ when he did that, partly because he’d turn so cute or the fact that it got pretty scary because he towered me (even when he’s down on his knees!) Oh yeah, he’s over 6ft tall, so he would tower mostly everyone in school! He’s also a natural leader, always picked to lead projects. In a nutshell, everyone loved him.

Later today, I felt kinda relieved reading another email that came from a friend who attended his funeral in JB:

Dia tengah recover from sakit and dah nampak segar dah since last month but last 3 days dia kena batuk2. Dia meninggal peacefully atas tangan bapak dia. Lepas selawat and takbir, dia baring, tutup mata and that time dia nazak. A few seconds after that dia dah pergi….

To a dear friend and a great guy, Halim semoga Rohmu dicucuri rahmatNya..

Al Fatihah...

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