Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Day After Surgery

The day after surgery started early for me. The nurse came at 5.30am to take my blood pressure and body temperature. Blood pressure was down from the day before but I had slight fever. Then two other nurses came to give me a sponge bath. I never knew how exactly sponge baths are done, but for me it was not exactly using sponges but small towels instead. It was a thorough clean up. I didn't feel much pain and I could remember that I did not press the morphine button at all to ease any pain, coz I was feeling pretty all right! The nurses told me to move to the sides and lift my legs a bit today to hasten the blood from the surgery to flow out from the uterus.

I was still not given anything to eat. Only had few sips of water and I was feeling groggy and nauseated all day. Threw up a few times but since I had not eaten yet, only threw up water and saliva. I was also cautious not to sneeze or cough because I remember my aunts telling me to put a cushion on the tummy whenever I feel like coughing because it'll be painful. And true enuff, it WAS painful when I finally coughed.

The next day, I was taken off the drip and painkiller and the bladder catheter was removed too. That was when I had to start to walk to the bathroom to pee. OMG, it was so difficult. Was feeling woozy and had to walk really, really slowly. Hubs had to walk me all the way to the bathroom and sat me properly on the toilet bowl.

My first meal was actually a mug of hot chocolate and porridge. I could only eat after I've passed wind, the nurses said. Well, had no difficulties in passing wind the first thing in the morning that day :) Anyway, I couldn't eat much. More and more people came in the evening as it was Friday. Received loads of magazines and food. Phone calls and sms's came non-stop too. Thank you all..

To be continued

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