Saturday, August 16, 2008

Leaving The Hospital

It was two days after the surgery when the doctor said that I was recovering well and could go home on Sunday itself (3rd day after surgery) . I opted to stay one more day to get better rest and only go home on Monday. The doctor said I made a good choice and she downloaded with the do's and dont's during recovery.

The last day at the hospital was spent getting to know the hospital better. I requested Hubs to bring me around the hospital in a wheelchair. It was fun, but PMC's rather small now because the two older blocks i.e. Blocks A & B were closed for further upgrading work. The nurses told me that those old blocks will actually be demolished and new ones will be built on the same site. Hubs also brought me to the waiting room where he with MIL and FIL waited while I was in the OT. It brought waves of sad emotions when I looked at the waiting room and the OT. It reminded me of how sad and scared I was on the surgery day.

On check-out day, my dressing was removed to reveal a 18cm wound from the surgery. My, my, it's rather scary. Images of how I was cut open kept playing in mind and it made me cringe everytime I thought about it, even at the point of writing now. After that some sorta liquid was sprayed onto the wound. It was supposed to serve as a water-proof protection for the wound and will last for a week. After that, I've to take really good care and must make sure that the wound is always dry to avoid any complications like infection etc.

The bill came to a whopping RM13,115.35 but I didn't have to pay a single sen before leaving. Called the family to let them know that I was coming home. I could hear their excitement. I was excited too coz I'll be recuperating at mom's place and my two nieces would be there to take care of me. My two little nurses. Goodbye PMC, thanks to the Doctors, nurses and aides for the great care and attention. Hope to become a patient in your maternity ward soon :) And to Hubs, thanks for everything! I owe you a BIG one!

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