Monday, October 24, 2011

Tis The Season (To Bake Sugee)

I recently baked sugee cakes. I remember exactly at this time last year, a dear friend of mine, Carol requested that I bake her a sugee cake and I immediately said yes. Only to realise after that, that I've never had sugee cakes before. I love sugee cookies though but never tried the cakes and have never baked one before too!

So, when in doubt, google! Haha. Whoa!! Was really surprised when I saw the ingredients. The number of eggs and amount of sugar used! Super-thigh food. That's what my friend would call this. I ended up with the so-called 'healthiest' and 'figure-friendliest' recipe. Passed it to Carol for tasting and nahh! Even I didn't like it. Brown sugar for sugee, nahh! It doesn't go that way. Plus the recipe called for the use of almond essence. Nahhh, that didn't work either. I finally settled for one recipe I got from an old magazine. That was ok lah!

Carol wanted the cake again last week for her fiance's birthday party (yupp! he's not a fan of the fancy schmancy looking cake!) and I scrambled looking for the recipe I used last year. Didn't find it but call me lucky, I managed to nab an authentic Indian sugee cake recipe from MIL's neighbour, whom I call Aunty. But the thing was, I could feel my waistline expanding just by looking at the recipe alone. So, tweaked it a bit. Made a mock-up cake for my fave girls at work to try. Was over the moon when they said they liked it. And to my delight, after I handed Carol the cake, she said it passed with flying colours. She added that the cake didn't make it to the birthday party. It went down their tummies even before the party started. Haha! That news sure made my day!

I was told to guard the recipe dearly by the Aunty though but if you want the recipe, leave a comment here with your email add and I'll revert to you ok. Hmm..gonna bake some for Deepavali. Want some? :)


screamingmommy said...

beb, can share the recipe?! the cake looks yummy..

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you can share the recipe. I have been lookin for one for a long time. thanks. your cake looks gorgeous.