Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Snack To Your Heart's (errr..Uterus) Content?

Do you snack a lot? I am sure guilty of snacking all the time but I try to tell myself to snack the right stuff. (Read : I'm hungry all the time!) (Read again: No! Garrett popcorns & McD's Chicken Mcbites do not count as the right stuff!).

Ok, ok, despite all that bad stuff, I do have good stuff on my table to snack on. Few months back I was diagnosed with ademonyosis and endometriotic cysts. Yupp, doc said I gotta go for a surgery right away. Told her I had work commitment and would like to postpone it. So she ended giving me an injection. On top of the RM1.2k jab (Lucrin) to control the growths, the doctor gave me apricot kernels and mulberry to take every morning and evening. Was told that the apricot kernels contain vitamin b17 which is now slowly known as the supplement to suppress the big C. No, I wasn't diagnosed with the big C (na'uzzubillah) but b17 in the kernels is believed to help control/prevent the growths from further growing. While mulberrry is to kill the "oh-my-god-you're-not-kidding-me" bitter taste of the kernels. On top of that, my genius friends at work have discovered this Blood Type Diet and we've been trying as much as possible to eat what is right for our blood type. So I've been snacking on prunes a lot and taking apple cider vinegar, virgin coconut oil and all types of berries (they're known to contain high antioxidants).

Forward, forward -> after about 2 months - via an ultrasound routine with the doc, guess what, the growths had shrunk by more than 50%! I was so over the moon, so was the doctor! Alhamdulillah. Am really glad that I do not have to go under the knife now. Yupp, the progress is tremendous that the doctor told me no surgery is required! Well just thought you'd find this inspiring. And yes, Godwilling, these stuff really work, peeps! And yes, head to the organic stores nearby to check these goodies out. Snack on!!


screamingmommy said...

alhamdulillah! good to know that beb. take care ok?

Ermayum said...

good to know that dear - take care