Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Holy Guacamole (!) - The Blogger MasterChef Finale

Holy guacamole (!) - the very first thing I said when I saw two ripe avocadoes in the mystery box for the Invention Test at the finale! Am not quite a fan of this fruit. Wait! Is it a fruit or a vege huh? Haha. The only thing I've made with avocadoes was guacamole, in an attempt to copy Nigella Lawson's "Roquemole" - a roquefort-based guacamole. Roquefort is sheep's milk blue cheese and I ended up throwing the whole bowl I made because it was just too strong to my liking!

We were given 2 minutes to pick 10 things from the pantry upon checking the stuff in the mystery box. I simply grabbed bread, mushrooms, lemons, shallots, garlic etc. not knowing what to make. The only thing I thought of that time was to use the avocadoes shells and stuff them with errrr, stuff?

When I finally had some inkling of what to do later, I ended up making antipasti. Called my creation - Quattro Avocado Antipasti - 4 types of dips stuffed in the avocadoes shells and served with canapes. Tadaaaa! Was given pretty good reviews by the judges, but no, I didn't win the contest. But to be in Malaysia's top 10 list, was just priceless! A damn good and fun experience for a pretend chef like me! Thanks Astro & Nuffnang for organising this. Till next year? Haha, I sure gotta cook more at home, buy more cook books, watch more cooking shows and enroll in cooking classes ay?


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screamingmommy said...

impressive!! congrats beb..being in the top 10 priceless, definitely:)

Baby Sumo said...

Was really impressed that you could make 4 different types from the avocado given in so little time :)

:: LadyVerde + Mr.Doc :: said...

Impressive nontheless! ;D congrats babe...bannga ok kenal virtual fren dpt masuk masterchef...so whats next? How bout a mkn session for us, masterchef? ;) hehehe