Sunday, October 24, 2010

When I'm Silent.. means I've been swamped with so many things..Here's an entry to say that I do miss all of you.. Blame it on the doctor visits, acupressure sessions, business development, babysitting, bla..bla..bla..(Excuses! Excuses!) Look forward to babble again soon..Soon peeps, soon! Hugs!


Meen yusuf said...

hi Jab,was wondering the other day mana you pi..lama senyap..:)

screamingmommy said...

yes beb..been silent for sooo long now..anyway have u started the IVF treatment? take care!

Jabberholic said...

Meen : Hi!! Am back ;) Thanks dear

screamingmommy : Hi babe, undergoing treatment now..After my trip, will start IVF procedure and all that jazz ;) Thanks babe!