Thursday, October 28, 2010

Baby Names

This may seem seriously premature. But to the mothers and mothers-to-be, do you have good books or websites to recommend for Muslim baby names? I know they are in abundance out there but I haven't come across a good one. Am particularly looking for baby names starting with E and Z.

Why now, so soon you wonder? Just wanna start researching earlier, regardless of what the IVF results would be later. No worries, at least I have something else better to think about instead of which coveted bag should I get my hands on kan? (Which I'm currently guilty of, of course!) Haha.

Thanks in advance peeps! You're the best! Hugs!

- Jabberholic babbles from her iPhone


mJ said...

wahhhh...mudah2an insyaAllah...i pray for you dear...Ya Allah permudahkanlah segala usaha Jab, amin!

meenyusuf said...

babe,Good luck,insya ada rezeki you..amin..

: said...
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Jabberholic said...

mJ : So sweet of u! Thanks for your prayers! Best wishes to u too ok!

Meen : Thanks loads babe! Aminnn..

: Thanks!