Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tried and Tested - The French Recipes (Finally!)

Remember some time ago I posted the recipes obtained from Laura Calder's cooking demo? Well, after months, I finally tried them. Verdict! I was damn proud of myself! Hahaha! And one important thing I discovered from trying the recipes was how fast it was to cook them. The ingredients may seem like a long list, but hey, almost all of them are the every day stuff that you'd probably already have in your kitchen anyway. So ladies (and gentlemen) out there, put your gourmet chef hat on and have these for dinner tonite. Trust me, you'll be saying ooh-laa-laa all nite long.

Cheat notes from Chef Jab ;)

Asparagus with orange sauce
- Mustard : I used ground mustard, it worked the same
- Vinegar : Used white distilled vinegar

Steak Au Poivre
- Peppercorns : I used the normal coarse black pepper and no, I didn't soak them in tea
- Beef stock : Used the cube beef stocks
- Creme fraiche : Used heavy cream

Potato Gratin
- Nutmeg : I skipped it

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