Monday, August 02, 2010

Blood, Sweat and Takeaways

Ever looked at the food that you're eating and wondered how they landed on your table? Who were the people involved in harvesting the raw material? Who reared the chickens? Who planted the rice? Who fished and gutted the tuna?

After watching the reality TV show on AFC - Blood, Sweat and Takeways, I now developed a habit of thinking and visualising about the processes and efforts involved in obtaining the end products that I eat. This certainly to an extent makes me appreciate my food more now ;) The show is about a group of so-called spoiled food junkies from Britan sent to this part of the world (Indonesia & Thailand) to discover the truth about their fast food faves. They had to live in dismayed condition, worked for long hours and earned cheap rates, just like the real local workers. They were tasked to work at every stage of the production process and learned how to grow, rear, harvest, process the food. Watching the pain that they went through and realising that each person only earned approximately RM10 each day really served as an eye opener to how hard and difficult all the farmers in kampung halaman had to membanting tulang under the hot sun.

I think they're showing the season finale next week. In my humble opinion, the show is really a breath of fresh air after all the E! productions ;) Do try to watch it ;) You'll be moved..


screamingmommy said...

I didnt know such series exist..good to know:) will try to catch it, what day and time?

Jabberholic said...

screamingmommy : It's on AFC on Mondays 9am..Not sure whether ada repeat shows ke tak..Enjoy the show ya!

Jabberholic said...

Ooopsss.correction..the show is on Mondays, 10pm ;)

ERMAYUM said...

i pun kadang2 terfikir gak kuih 2 40 sen tu apa la mahal sgt kan nak buat punya la susah sometimes

i lum tgk lagi series tu nanti try catch :)

Jabberholic said...

Ermayum : Hi dear. Rasanya the series over. Perhaps ada reruns.