Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Finally, Going Under The Knife

So many months after being dropped the bomb that I have fibroid, I am finally going to do something with my condition! But before I write more about it, let me you tell you that I have been dropped by a FEW bombs before I actually decided to go under the knife tomorrow. Bombs? That many? Yupp, am finally going for surgery to manage fibroids, endometriosis and reposition my retroverted uterus. This is all to be managed via myomectomy for fibroids, ablation for endometriosis and ventrosuspension for the uterus. Oh boy, this is going to be major. I’m gonna be more cut-up than those pregnant ladies delivering via C-Section and what’s sad is that I’m not pregnant and I’ll have no baby to bring back home post-surgery :( Anyway, I’ve to undergo these procedures in Pantai Medical Centre Bangsar as my doctor only does surgery there. She’s no other than the famous Datuk Dr Nor Ashikin. You must have heard about her or have read her articles in papers and magazines or have seen her on TV. I agree that she’s good. She’s a real people person and you will feel at ease and more informed after consulting her regardless of whatever condition you were in when you first saw her. And yes, for someone entering her 50’s soon, she’s gorgeous! I started seeing her in her own clinic Prima Nora in Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI). It’s a one-stop-medical centre for women run by mostly women. You can read more about the place here:

Anyway, will be checking in Pantai Medical Centre this evening to undergo surgery tomorrow morning. Am scared stiff, seriously dunno what to expect. Kinda worried for Hubby Dearest too as he has to take care of himself alone for a while. Well, will update on how it goes and yes, do pray for me! And Hubs, you'll be all right! Love ya!

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