Sunday, June 22, 2008

5-star health service

I was feeling under the weather (what's new huh??) last few days and I had to pay a visit to the gynae. Was having this sharp pressure abdominal pain. Not having any prior appointment with the gynaes I've seen, I had to resort to anyone available that day. That was when I decided to try seeing a gynae in the new hospital - Prince Court Medical Centre (PCMC). Stepping into the hospital was like stepping into a resort. An absolute 5-star, the hospital boasts a minimalist Zen concept. Spacious, with lotsa green, wood panelling, big waiting room with plush leather chairs, big flat screen TV etc. Treatment-wise, nurses were polite and offered personalised service. Instead of calling you from the counter, they walked towards you to escort you to the doctor. The gynae I saw was very thorough. He undertook tests that the gynaes I saw before did not perform. I felt I was given the best advice that day! And the highlight of the day was the total bill was below RM150!! I was expecting it to be way more expensive! It would certainly cost more than RM200 if I were to consult the gynaes I've seen before! Well, I surely know where to go for specialist consultation from now on! Finally, answers to my prayers for a true world-class Malaysian service!

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