Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Anniversary Joe

Things that I am grateful and love you for….
  • You hardly ever get mad at me
  • The way you fix me mean Ribena and Milo Ais
  • The ‘pokok’ dance you always do
  • The way you treat our nieces makes me feel that how great a dad you’re gonna be
  • The ‘MacGyver’ in you
  • You are a technology geek and I'm a techno-bimbo
  • You always open the door and drive my car outside the gate before work every morning
  • You stay up late with me whenever I have to do work so I won't be lonely
  • Your willingness to be converted to things you never would have considered liking on your own, like watching chic flicks, theatre, travel, rock climbing
  • The fact that you watch TV with me even Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, Ugly Betty
  • Your ability to convert currency in a split second every time we shop overseas
  • You always support my decisions and choices in life
  • You never raise your voice at me
  • You tolerate my PMS every month
  • You never fail to offer me backrubs and massages whenever my PMS cramp strikes
  • Your great kisses and touches
  • You never push me away when I get onto your side in bed at night
  • In the mornings you sometimes put your arms around me and gently rock me awake so I don't have to wake abruptly
  • You come back home during lunchtime to bring me food whenever I am on MC
  • You always do the laundry. I hate doing that!
  • You never complain when I smell bad after gym
  • You never complain that my tummy and ass are expanding
  • You never fail to end your phone call with ‘I love you’
  • The way you put me before anyone else, even yourself
  • You apologise when you are wrong
  • Your infinite patience
  • You love me, just as I am

Happy anniversary beautiful man! The best four years in my life!


Leila Daniel said...

your note is so so sweettttttttttt!!! its quite suprising its a note for 4th sweettt...i heart you guys! :)

Jabberholic said...

Thanks Leila...hugs!!!