Wednesday, December 19, 2007

70's Baby

Came across an article forwarded by a pal

Are you a 70's baby? You are one if…

  • You grew up watching cartoons and animations like G-Force, He-man, She-Ra, Transformers, Thundercats, Silver Hawk, Woody Woodpecker and Chipmunks. Not to forget Ninja Turtles, Mask, Smurfs, Voltron.
  • You never missed Japanese series like Oshin, Moero Attack and Chiaki. There was one Japanese cartoon series if you remember called Toriton. I loved it!!
  • ‘Minum susu sekolah’ programme. It was just 30 sen per box! I remember no one got down with diarrhoea over stale milk like what the kids now experience!!
  • You shopped at Hankyu Jaya, Yaohan…
  • You wore Bata and Pallas Jazz shoes to school. There was also this high-cut shoes made in China..Kelas gitu!
  • Your snacks were Mamee, O-Ya, Ding Dang chocolate balls and 10 sen ‘Aiskrim Malaysia’
  • Your favourite games during school recess were Monopoly and Donkey cards
  • You idolised Michael Jackson!!!!

So, are you one? I am!! Cheers to the 70's babies!!!

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