Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Moo ! !

One of the things I looked for in Spain few months back was this thing called Dulce de Leche. Having learnt that it's something that Lionel Messi (the footballer, people! Hehe, and whom I met in Spain) loves, I got curious and hit the mercato to look for it. There were so many brands, but I ended up buying Havana after reading that it is the best brand in Argentina! Since, Messi's from Argentina - hence the purchase ;) (I'm so easy, right? Haha!)

Wait! Wonder what's Dulce de Leche? It's caramel-like milk based spread. Literally translated, dulce means sweet and leche means milk. Its consistency, flavour and texture are ideal for baking, desserts or just on toasted bread. So, what have I "milked" out of this "yum-moo-licious" treat? Besides eating it straight from the jar and spreading it on toast, so far, I've made :

Bannofee Dulce de Leche cake. Just google for any bannofee cake recipe. Layer the cake with dulce de leche spread and make dulce de leche ganache.

Messy, lazy, banana dessert smothered with Dulce de Leche. No brainer. Haha.

Dulce de Leche Brownies. Made this based on David Lebovitz's recipe! Yummms!

Dulce de Leche Bread Butter Pudding. Made this using the normal bread butter pudding recipe but top it with dollops of dulce de leche in heated milk!

Am down to my last jar now. Need to scout around for a new bottle. Anyone going to Spain? Argentina?


zarin said...

lajatnyaaa..telan air liur jek ni

i tk pernah mkn dulce de leche yg beli siap mcm gini but pernah wat sendirik n mkn w banoffee pie..urghhh lajatnya

Ermayum said...

hmmmmmm meleleh i :D

E.M.R said...

zarin : I finally found dulce de leche ni jual @ village's of a different brand, just in case u wanna try ;)

Ermayum : Masak campak2 aje ;) It's the dulce de leche that does all the work..

screamingmommy said...

wow..sgt yummilicious!!! should try get a bottle of this..since I ni sgt laa into this sweet thing:)

Jabberholic said...

screamingmommy : try them babe..u can find them here..