Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Jabberholic 2.0 - The Trotting Gourmand

I've been contemplating on moving on to another blog site and start afresh. I think I whine too much here and wanna talk more about stuff that makes sense (?!) instead. But then again, it is gonna be such a hassle to start from scratch and build new relationships etc. Plus, I've made so many new friends in this blogsphere as Jabberholic. So, my decision? Am gonna continue writing here, perhaps with a small twist on what I would like now to be known as ;) I wanna talk about my two most favourite things i.e. Travelling and Food and I'd like to rename this blog The Trotting Gourmand to reflect this. No more babbling about anything and everything. No more whining, I promise. Hmmm, maybe you'll cut me some slack once in a while ay? Haha. Ok, so, hello again World! It's been a while!


Yat Maria said...


screamingmommy said...

awwwww...then I will miss.. ms Jab..not that ur new theme is not interesting..but ur whining is entertaining...I love reading ur old entries..like few years before..lively and human:) anyway whatever u decide..I'll still read:)

E.M.R said...

Yat : :)Thanks for your support dear!

SM : Thanks SM. Nahhh, no worries I will still whine from time to time! Me, being a woman, cant run from whining kan? ;) Thanks for your support dear!

Ermayum said...

welcome back :) changes are always good hehehe

what is EMR stands for ?:)