Sunday, November 07, 2010

Masak Campak-Campak

I tend to become creative with cooking when :

a) There's not much left in the fridge
b) There are leftovers from the day before
c) The raw materials on the shelves are nearing their expiration dates
d) Am just plain lazy

Here are some of my lazy-creative dishes..Haha..

Nachos - Organic tortilla chips with leftover bolognese sauce + homemade guacomale dip + grated cheddar and parmesan cheese + sliced pickled jalapenos

Seared bananas - Overly ripe bananas + shaved parmesan + raw cane sugar

Omelette - Eggs + milk + green apples + pepper + shaved parmesan

Hmmm..they are all with cheese ay? Yupp, am one cheese lover here, y'all!


Yat Maria said...

Creative indeed!!! hehe..thats the way to go kan..ada cheese sumer bule..

ERMAYUM said...

looks yummy walau from leftovers :)

Jabberholic said...

Yat : Campak2, yupp, that's the way to go babe!

Ermayum : They sure are..Like Yat said, ada cheese sumer boleh ;)

Meen yusuf said...

I love cheese! Omelette Cheese is TDF!!!

zarin said...

masak campak2 laa best sebab terasa terrer je buat own resepi..janji sedap di makan kan!
btw, everything looks yummeh!

screamingmommy said... the simple recipe..and I love cheese too...thanks for to try this:)

Jabberholic said...

Meen : Ada gang suka cheese! Hehe..Cheese rocks..Eh, sounds cheesy pulak! Haha

Zarin : Ha'ah kan. Bila nak masak tu terasa macam tengah host my own cooking show pulak.

Screamingmommy : Do try it. They're super fast and easy. Campak2 aje ;)

mJ said...

pandainyer u masakkkkk....omelet tu jon yg paling rajin masak for me...tapi ikut selera dia laaaaa...i belasah jek hehehe

Anonymous said...

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