Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blumer Who?

Everybody knows Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver and Anthony Bourdain. The hot TV domestic goddess, the naked chef and the sarcastic touring cook would normally be how people around me describe these celebrity chefs respectively. But mention Bob Blumer, I get blank stares. Well, at least from people who do not switch to the cook shows on TV.

I am a fan of Bob Blumer! It was love at first sight when I saw him on TLC, which was formerly known as Discovery Travel & Living Channel (on Astro's 707). Have you guys seen that guy with the tornado hairdo (or Marge Simpson's ?) cooking and touring in in the toaster mobile? The programme is called Surreal Gourmet and it centres around Bob cooking and hosting dinner parties over 30 states in that creatively designed mobile. The food were prepared and presented in ways that were anything but ordinary. Imagine, poaching salmon in dishwasher, cooking in the dark and making baseball-shaped shepherd's pie!

Blumer's latest show, which he hosts and co-created is called Glutton for Punishment. The series, now in its 4th season on TLC, is made up of food-related challenges. In each episode, he is given 5 days to become proficient in the episode's featured specialty. And then with his new acquired skills, he goes against the experts in the fields. He either ended up surprising the experts by acing the challenges or accepting defeat humbly. One thing I truly admire about Bob is the fact that how genuinely enthusiastic he is in all his shows and also that he is no cocky guy! In the recent episode, he challenged tea masters in a Kung Fu Tea Challenge in China.

The foodie, traveller and adrenaline junkie that I am is able to instantly connect to this great culinary adventurer's personality and out-of-this world shows. Oooh, I sure have an endless list of questions to ask him if I ever get to meet him in person! *hint! hint* TLC ;) Apart from having tried making some of his gourmet looking and delicious but easy recipes, I have also recently redesigned my small kitchen without having to renovate and spending a cent! Check out the featured video on his webbie for his 10 DIY practical kitchen design tips. Blumer is certainly one heck of an imaginative culinary personality. I look forward to more extreme epicurean quests, engaging stories and practical tips from him. Tune in to Glutton For Punishment on TLC on Wednesdays at 9.30pm. Repeats on Thursdays (3.30am, 8.30am & 3.30pm) and Sundays (11.10am). M'sian time ya ;) He'll be attempting to eat 40 feet (!) of raw nettles and mastering the art of sushi making in the coming episodes. Enjoy!
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TLC Fan said...

Hi! I know Bob and would consider that I am a fan. I totally agree that he is someone truly creative. Thanks for sharing this piece of info.

screamingmommy said...

I hvnt seen him in action, will paying more attention after this, thanks for introducing him..he..hee you know that u sort of my source for a good prog in TLC:)

Jabberholic said...

TLC Fan : Hey, glad that I found another Blumer fan!

screamingmommy : You'll enjoy his shows on TLC, where life is anything but ordinary ;)