Monday, May 03, 2010

The Name Is Khan

Spoiler alert!

I have never been a fan of Hindi films but when I saw My Name Is Khan dvd sold at the shop yesterday, I grabbed it without any hesitation. Knowing that it is Karan Johar's (from Koffee with Karan fame) directorial and the film was shot almost entirely in the States, I told myself why not give it a try, ay? I thought since it's directed by a young chap, perhaps this one would bring something fresh unlike the typical Hindi films. Maybe this one would be different, with little less of running around the garden in the rain or rolling down the hills in colourful saris but with a dash more reality?

Moment of truth : half way through the film, discovered that yupp, it's pretty OK. The film is about inter-racial marriage, autism, American's anti-Muslim hysteria post Sept 11 attack etc. Well, one thing which more or less the theme of all Bollywood films, the hero woos and wins the heroine-a single mother, but alas, the problem is that she's a Hindu and he's a Muslim. The family cuts him off and he goes to stay with his newly-wed bride and son from her previous marriage. Then Sept 11 happens. A somewhat predictable tragedy takes place that tears the family apart, the wife blames the husband and from there, the film becomes a pilgrimage of the husband to fulfill his wife's demand to tell the President that he is Muslim and he is not a terrorist. Yupp, he finally meets the President at the end of the film, the couple and the hero's family reunite. Yeay! Wait! I think the guy who plays Obama is a wee-bit skinny, evident by his ill-fitting jacket. All-in-all, if you're looking for something different, go grab a copy. Eventhough some supposedly emotional moments seem gimmicky, this is worth the 160 minutes. Oh yeah, one more thing, apart from the background music, you won't find the actors running around singing, in 17 different bajus ;) Yeay!


diana sidek said...

what?it's already in the store?cepatnya u!currently i'm looking another hindi movie jugak but till no, no avail!d other hindi movie tu pon people claim not the typical one either.

zarin said...

hi dear! thanks for dropping by at my place and guess what...i just bought this dvd yesterday but still haven't got time to watch it...haaaa bought it after my hubs told me that kajol and srk are in this movie..heee not big fan of srk but i love it when he is with kajol

Yat Maria said...

sweet!!!!!! me not a fan of hindi movie, but as it happens, I watched one hilariously FUNNY one last weekend..susah nak dapat hindi movie yg FUNNY usually tear jerker..tapi last weekend was an exeption, a blast..he u never know kan..until you try try ah..but coldnt tell u the title if my life depends on it ...:)tak tau pun main bedal jer nonton..

Yummy Mummy said...

I tak sabar nak tengok this movie sebab dengar rave reviews!!! Hari tu ada beli ciplak punya (oops) tapi gambar so crap tak jadi tengok. I takut sebenarnya nak baca your entry, sebab tajuk entry ni is spoiler alert! hehehe. So I skimmed quickly through to the end. Rasanya tak ada apa2 spoiler kot ek hahaha

Jabberholic said...

Hi ladies,
Thanks for the comments..And if you guys happen to watch the film one of these days, enjoy ya!

ERMAYUM said...

hi babe tq drop by my place yours tak kurang hebat nya - i suka this pair menangis tgk dulu kuch kuch otai hai heeh
ada gak nampak cite ni but tak tarpanggil nak tgk lagi :)