Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Birthday's approaching, am starting to feel old and what's really bugging me is that I'm starting to think that I'm having a mid-life crisis..Am wondering what am I to do with my life? Starting to ask questions like :

- Do I like my job?
- Do I want kids?
- Should I go on for fertility treatment to try having babies?
- Can I become a good mother?
- Why can't I make a career out of what I really love doing?
- Should I try looking for overseas jobs?
- Should I quit my job?
- bla..bla..bla..

All the whats, whys, hows...The questions never end and they keep popping now and then..What am I to do? Guess, I need to be in a far, far away land to kinda reevaluate my life I think..It's not that I'm not doing well with what I'm doing..I'm good at my job eventhough I've to drag myself outta bed every morning, I'm happy just living with my hubby and coming to terms that the stork is taking its time to deliver us a baby, I'm happy with the wealth and health I have now (of course I want more of the dough) ;) But I think something is missing..But what??? Urghhh, I hate this feeling..


Leila Daniel said...

i know u hav the money, do try the fertility treatment while you'r still on the less money side :) right now trying alternative medication w hj luqman from you can watch his show on astro on saturday at 7.30pm..ch109 kot...current treatment is my breast lumps, alhamdulilah 2 weeks like tat hilang, the lumps were more than 2..big n more than 2 yrs hehehe..he told me to do treatment for one illness at a time..insyallah after this focusing on getting pregnant pulak..

probably will take longer time to conceive well afterall is kuasa NYA...i havent scan my breast nor my ovarian cyst..but i feel so much better n lighter!! hopefully the 2 ovarian cyst also gone!

yeah2...i always have tat stupid middle crisis issues...its damn annoying coz u feel some void but dunno what n it pisses u off! stressss mannn!

btw hj luqman dah bz..susah nak dpt number, best of luck!

Jabberholic said...

Thanks Leila for the kind wishes and sharing your story..I too, hope the best for you and family. Take care gal!