Saturday, May 03, 2008

My moment of fame

Who would have ever guessed that I'd make it on TV especially on a sports channel? What more on a football related programme? Football is certainly not my thing. Tennis is more 'me' :) I always make noise when Hubby spent so many hours on telly and computer watching live matches and strategising for his fantasy football games. I normally told him that he spent more hours on both telly and computer at home compared with spending time with me! But you know what he did to shut me up? He entered my name as one of the managers for his fantasy football game and guess what? He won (or to be more accurate, I won) places in the top 10! He made it in the top 10 list from more than 50,000 entries from Asian countries including Australia, New Zealand, India etc! And the best thing was that my name appeared and mentioned in the show last week when they announced the winner! Hubby will be winning USD500 for this. He already won last month as the top manager for Malaysia ok? least the time he spent for this was worthwhile after all. Hmmm..he won, I got my moment of fame, guess I don't have the excuse to make any more noise rite?

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