Sunday, May 11, 2008

Goodbye Baby!

I’ve said goodbye to my baby! I didn’t know that I’d feel sad saying goodbye to her but I actually shed some tears when parting with her. It was on Tuesday, 8th May 2008, after work. Baby, you surely were great to me and I treasured the 5 years spent with you. I’m sorry I had to let you go :(

You see, I’m being optimistic for letting my 2-door Toyota Rav4 Baby go for a yet-to-be-decided 4-door Baby to make room for my Baby should she/he arrives. And I hope it’s soon!! By the way, which 4-door should I go for huh? Am still soo clueless!!


Frankensteina said...

I kinda like Caldina but apparently it's a little too small for a car with a whooping RM200k++ price tag.

Say, what's your price range?

By the way, how's the pregnancy going? :) How far along are you now?

Jabberholic said...

Pregnant? I wish!!! That was why I wrote that I was being optimistic by letting go of my 2-door car for a 4-door should I get preggers anytime..Sad huh?

As for price range, am looking at something below RM200k..Yupp! I agree, Caldina's pretty nice though!