Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Meeting The Man In Barcelona

Here's sharing a video created by the Event Manager for Maxis Biggest Fan Experience Contest I was a part of some time ago. Yes, it was to meet Lionel Messi in Barcelona's training ground! Wait, to my woman readers, you girls know him rite? ;)

p/s: You can see me smiling like kerang busuk here and there in this video. Haha! Enjoy!


Yat Maria said...

Messi...Barca!!! woot woot!

Hehe..U look great Jab! I probably will also be like a 'KB' if dapat jumpa Messi :)


Jabberholic said...

@Yat : Yeay! So happy you kenal Messi :) Hahaha, so obvious kekerangan I kan? Hahahaha! Thanks for reading babe!