Sunday, April 03, 2011

The Just

After dinner with the in-laws. Adam (our nephew) refused to part with me when it was time to go home. After I finally handed him over to his parents :

Me : Seeing how Adam is attached to me makes me feel so loved.
Mr Hubs : Not only Adam you know, Alia and Amyra (our nieces) love you loads too.
Me : I know. You know what, I feel so blessed. We may not have our own kids but our nieces and nephew are so close to us that sometimes it makes me forget that it's still just the two of us, you know. Allah is fair, kan?

Mr Hubs smiled and then we both were lost in our own thoughts. I started to tear, but those were the tears of gratitude to Al-Adl.....Alhamdulillah....


mJ said...

both of us also very close with our nieces and nephews esp for me, i biasa2 je sebab anak buah dia semua dah besar panjang...cuma dengan Tisya je i extra mesra extra sayang sampai nak giler! huhu

screamingmommy said...

Allah has better plan for you, insyaAllah you will be a good mother when the times come. Bersabar dear ok?

fiziskandarz said...

i always fascinated by the fact that kids can really touch us effortlessly without actually trying. hope u have a great one there :D

Jabberholic said...

mJ : Kan? If they're close to you, sangat2lah close that sometimes u think they're yours!

screamingmommy : Thanks for the kind words my dear..

fiziskandarz : Thanks, I hope so too ;)