Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Allure of the Birkin

They say "Dont judge a book by its cover". One thing I am a bit ashamed to admit is I DO judge books by their covers BUT this applies only when I am not familiar with the authors. So that's what happened when I purchased this book.

When I saw the word 'Birkin', I didn't even have to finish reading the back cover for the synopsis. You know, the bagaholic in me, salivates at any mention of any coveted bag. Well Michael Tonello, you had me at 'Birkin'! Haha. Wait! Michael who? Well, he's the author and the book is a true encounter of him going around the world in his pursuit of bringing home the Hermes Birkins. After discovering the 'formula' that makes the Hermes's waitlist obsolete, he practically lives on margins from selling the Birkins to the likes of socialites, celebrities and fashionistas around the world either through direct sale or e-bay. In this book, Tonello revealed that the waitlist of 2-3 years imposed by Hermes for someone to get her hands on a Birkin is an absolute myth! Plus, there were also few paragraphs on how Oprah and her buddy Gayle were denied entrance to the Hermes Faubourg flagship store in Paris because of their skin colours? What? Is this for real, Hermes?

Well, enuff said, I wouldn't want to be a spoiler. For those who are into fashion, travel, fun, love, this is definitely the 'It' book about the 'It' bag. Go on, grab a copy!

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