Saturday, September 12, 2009

Losing My Virginity

Realised that I haven't been reading nowadays. I mean, apart from the strategic and management documents I go through each day at work, I have not been reading..ehmm, leisurely. So, made a point to drop by the book store quite recently. Oh my, there are just too many new books, especially on my favourite chic lit and thriller fiction shelves! While I was skimming through Sophie Kinsella's Twenties Girl, The Time Traveller's Wife, John Grisham's Associate, Sidney Sheldon's Mistress of The Game etc, my gaze fell upon the non-fiction shelf and saw one attention-grabbing autobiography of the famous adventurous English industrialist, Richard Branson. Titled Losing My Virginity, it speaks of how it all started for him. He's definitely a born entreprenuer, risk taker and surprisingly a family man. It is very interesting reading about how his parents supported him in everything he does and what more interesting is both parents especially the mother herself is someone adventurous too! Guess it runs in the blood for Richard. Overall the book is a very interesting read. It's like reading a novel but encapsulates a lot of business values and lessons. I find it candid and spontaneous too. Richard's sense of humour is wonderful too. I found myself giggling and laughing hysterically at times. Nevertheless, the book is inspiring!

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