Saturday, April 11, 2009

An apple, a blue box and the Andaman

This is an overdue entry on our (Hubby and me) birthdays. Celebrated mine 2 months ago and Hubby’s was 2 weeks earlier. After spending quite some amount for our Europe trip, we made a pact to not give each other birthday gifts this year.

But me, being me, couldn’t resist surprising Hubby and ended up buying him an Ipod Touch. He’s been eyeing the PSP but I think Ipod Touch is nicer. Eventhough overall, the functions are more or less the same, but I think it’s nicer to browse the net using the Ipod Touch compared to the PSP. And hubby browses the net a lot! Plus, I think Ipod is a lot better looking! Bought it online and the process was seamless. What more when I could personalise the Ipod by engraving it! Hubby was pleasantly surprise when he got the gift and he now brings it everywhere.

And of course, he couldn’t resist surprising me either! Mestilah nak balas my jasa baik for getting him a gift jugak kan? Hehe..Well, he truly surprised me, you bet. On the eve of my birthday, when I was at mum’s place, he got everyone at home to lepak at the living room together. Then he brought a slice of cake and everyone started singing me birthday song. It was the oreo cheesecake that I absolutely love from Marmalade. I was delighted. And I was even more delighted when he handed me the signature blue box tied with the white ribbon! Seeing the box, without even having to open it, I started to jump up and down with joy! I already knew what was inside the box! Yupp, it was the Tiffany & Co’s bracelet I was salivating over in Paris! Yippee..He held the celebration early because the next day, on my birthday itself, he brought me for a one nite stay in Langkawi and we stayed at the Andaman. Gosh, the place was nice. It reminded me of our Tanjong Jara stay few years ago. The good thing was the place was not fully occupied and we had the pool, the coffee house, the gym to ourselves. It was even nicer when the manager brought in a birthday cake for me when he noticed upon checking in that it was my birthday that day. was indeed a nice birthday celebration this year. Seems like it gets better and better every year. Thanks Sayang! Love you!

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