Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jumping on the bandwagon

I thought I would never be bitten by the DSLR bug. I used to say that I won't own a DSLR camera and yet, I just bought one recently! How fickle ay? I got excited looking at the really, really nice photo shots displayed in those photography magazines on the bookstores shelves. And I berangan nak enter into those amateur photography competitions coz the prizes are pretty big :)

Damage done to the pocket was pretty big, reaching nearly RM3k for the latest Canon EOS 450d. Compared to the cybershot I currently own, memanglah mahal kiranya DSLR ni. If you ask me why I chose this particular DSLR, I would say because it's the latest, it's light, it's user friendly, it has Live View etc. Well, have started learning to shoot nice photos dah. Thanks to bro! Will eventually put up those pics for your viewing pleasure :) And what I really look forward is to take lotsa nice photos during my upcoming trip. Have somehow finalised the trip details. Will blog about it soon. Tungggggu...

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