Saturday, March 22, 2008

A piece of not so good news

Took a while to update the blog with how it went with the gynae last week. It was not a good start coz I was poked quite a few times for blood test since the nurse couldn’t find my veins. She ended up taking blood from the back of my palms ok! Ouch!

Did pap smear and breast scan with the lady gynae. To those who wonder how it feels when you have your pap smear done, trust me, it was nothing. Just put aside the ‘malu-malu’ feeling, it’ll be a breeze for you. It was not painful, ticklish etc. Was also glad that it was just a breast scan that I had to go through and not mammogram! I was pretty nervous at first when I was told that I had to do breast screening. Having your boobies compressed with some machine is not fun ok!

The not so good start ended with a not so good end. The ultrasound scan showed that I had two 4cm fibroids in the uterus. They have to be removed and it’s gotta be through a myomectomy, probably via abdominal incision as the kinda fibroid that I have is actually submucous fibroid, meaning fibroid that develop in the muscle underneath the inner lining of the womb. Other types of fibroids, depending where they grow, are called subserous, intramural or cervical fibroids. I was fighting back tears in front of the gynae when I heard all the details about fibroids from her. Wished that hubby was around. But then again I knew I’d wail like a baby if he’s around. Baguslah I was alone at that time. If not, people will look at me semacam aje. Dahle at that time the waiting hall was full of preggers ladies! Tengok orang menangis teresak-esak sungguhlah tidak memberansangkan bagi orang mengandung yang nak jumpa the gynae, kan?

As of now, I’ve come to terms with what’s happening to me. Told myself, fibroids are not life threatening and cancerous. All I have to do is get a second opinion from another gynae, get those fibroids removed and then start trying to make me and hubby a heir to our fortune (?!) Haha.

Anyway, for more information on fibroids, you can check out It's my fave site so far.


MDR said...

oh no...not so good news, eh? :-( it's good that u went for a check up; i've been delaying mine since after my delivery which was like more than a year ago! bad, bad, me..

about the fibroid condition though, i had friend who managed to carry her baby AND a fibroid, at the same time..alhamdulillah, it was ok..but of course she had to have constant check ups and monitoring from her gynae..

hope all goes well for u :-)

Jabberholic said...

thanks for your well wishes getting a second opinion later and see where do i go from there..

Frankensteina said...

Oh my....

But then again on a lighter note fibroid is not life threatening not cancerous so you have a pretty good chance to conceive.

Anyway do let us know when you go and get your second opinion yes? I'm praying for your safety *hugs*

Jabberholic said...

thanks for your prayers Frankensteina! thanks also for visiting my blog! am a fan of yours :)