Thursday, January 24, 2008

Maternal Pangs

I dunno whether this is in the spirit of the New Year or the fact that it's my birthday  next week, but am feeling maternal lately. I get maternal pangs every time I see cute baby pics, listen to baby’s voice, watch TV shows about babies and the list goes on. Kept telling hubby that it is high time that we produce our own heir/heiress :) What’s his reaction you may wonder? Hubby happy aje, dia sentiasa ‘on’ :)

I would say that we are quite ready mentally and financially compared to four years ago when we first got married. And physically, me myself have started trying to lose weight (joined the gym ok?), started taking supplements, started reading pregnancy books, researched on the net etc. You name it. And how serious you think we are? Am actually meeting the gynae on 15th March! So, harap-harap pre-conception check-up will show that I’m fit to become a mother and by the end of the year, even better by the time Raya Puasa, I hope I can be at least called a mum-to-be :)

I know it’s not always easy to get preggers. But do wish hubby and me luck! Looking forward going for ice cream treats with our son/daughter, them playing with our dear nieces, them getting nice bajus from their gramps and all other ‘perks’ that parents experience. As what my friends said to me, the perks are endless. And these are normally accompanied by rather magical feelings! And yes, we are ready for that MAGIC! Do pray for us….


zamildrift said...

goodluck! mama sure was expecting this kan? :P . hahahaha. nak adikkk!

btw, yg pasal blog count tuh, dah register belum kat web tuh?

Jabberholic said...

dah register..but not sure pasal html template etc..hehehe

Zamil said...

hmm..kene tunjuk gak..nak explain susah..

Anonymous said...

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